The comics journal essays

The comics journal essays

Awards and award nominations for The Comics Journal Year Organisation Award Result 1990 Harvey Award Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation Won 28 1991 Won 29 1992 Won 30 1993 Won 31 1995 Won 32 1996 Eisner Award Best.


The Comics Journal No. 301 – video preview

The Comics Journal #301 Edited by Mike Dean & Kristy Valenti; Gary Groth, Executive Editor 640-page black & white/color 6.75..  



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Americas Canada Research The online journal Alternative francophone has published a special issue on French women’s comics, edited by Sophie Milquet and Chris Reyns-Chikuma. Link 22 02 2016, French, BC United States Education Meiji University professor…  


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    ImageText is a journal dedicated to the academic study of all comics: comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, comix, and others.. The Sequential Artists Workshop A new comix art school, The Sequential Artists Workshop, is soon open in Gainesville, FL…